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    Made by Foehn Studio, distributed by TopArc game, Subway Batman Chase is exactly what the title implies - a chase game with tons of obstacles...

    The game revolves around a bat-kid, who chases some bad guys, but the game fails in explaining a little bit more about the reasons and the storyline behind the chase. 

    What you might agree with in case you give this game a try is that  the controls are ridicilousy hard. The game scrolls way to fast so it's really hard to make an instant decisiion whether you should swing on the rope or slide underneath the platform. Few more meters and it's very likely you will stab on a sharp spike coming out of the ground. Yes, you should have stoop right there, but it was too late. 

    So, unless you have like super bat-vision and superfast reactions, this game is probably going to be too hard for you. Beside that, the graphics is pretty modest, especially if you have in mind that the atmosphere, the city, other characters do not fit in what you would excpect from typical batman game. I mean bat-kid is there but that could have been super mario and you wouldn't really notice a difference. Rope swinging is more suitable for spider-man anyway. 

    Get it on Google Play

    So, having all said, I'll give this game 3 out of 5 stars.


    • + Tap to jump
    • + Double tap to 'pogo roll' - not sure what that means but ok...
    • + Swipe right to swing with a silk
    • + Swipe left to stoop
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      batmin (270) - 2016-07-18, 11:01
      It's a basic side-scroller. must admit that couldn't pass level 1 not even after 10 minutes

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