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    Made by Foehn Studio, distributed by TopArc game, Subway Batman Chase is exactly what the title implies - a chase game with tons of obstacles...

    The game revolves around a bat-kid, who chases some bad guys, but the game fails in explaining a little bit more about the reasons and the storyline behind the chase. 

    What you might agree with in case you give this game a try is that  the controls are ridicilousy hard. The game scrolls way to fast so it's really hard to make an instant decisiion whether you should swing on the rope or slide underneath the platform. Few more meters and it's very likely you will stab on a sharp spike coming out of the ground. Yes, you should have stoop right there, but it was too late. 

    Cat And Bat Run Adventure Android Game
    Posted by: batmin, 2016-07-09, 06:14 - 1 comments

    Technically speaking Cat And Bat Running Adventure is a pretty bad android game. It fells more like a decent try of an unexperienced developer made in one of those game makers where you just need to swap few sprites and get a brand new Batman game. The weird title mentions 'cat' but I don't see any cats in here. Nope, Cat-woman is not there neither.

    Regarding the gameplay it is pretty much standard for what you'd expect of a basic platformer with obstacles. There are no real animations, all the obstacles are pretty much static and the only thing you need to do is to tap on the screen to get Batman jump over the trees, bushes, police cars and sharp spikes sticking out of the platform. 

    Batman Beyond Wallpaper Download
    Posted by: batmin, 2016-05-05, 09:01 - 0 comments

    This is one of the most popular Batman Beyond wallpapers there is. Batman Beyond or Batman of the Future as being called in Europe, is an animated cartoon series about Batman made by Warner Bros and DC Comics in 2000. It's about futuristic version of Batman, his fight against the old enemies while working on serial murders case. The show emphases Batman's darker side hence the wallpaper's dark tone.

    To open the image click on it and than when it opens in a new window, save it to your computer and than go to it and right click it and choose 'set as wallpaper'...

    Here's a scrap from one of the episodes: Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker - Part 6

    My favorite images of Harley Quin
    Posted by: batmin, 2016-03-19, 11:20 - 1 comments

    Who is Harley Quinn and how is she related to Bat-man series?

    First appearance ever?

    Harley Quinn first appeared in the Batman animated series episode "Joker's Favor". She didn't first appear in the comic and than make her way to the TV like most superheros and supervillans do. It was actually the other way around. 

    First appearance in the comic book ever?

    If you're wondering what her first appearance was in the comic book form was, it was in Bat-man Adventures issue 12 "Bat-girl".

    How Harley Quin became to be?

    CBG went online
    Posted by: batmin, 2013-09-27, 18:38 - 0 comments


    My name is BATMIN, and I  am proud to announce that CoolBatmanGames (CBG) just went online few minutes ago. 

    I hope you will join me to help me build the best batman gaming site in the world.


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