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  • Batman Shooter - Classic Arcade

    Batman Shooter - Classic Arcade
    Has Batman escaped - One hint - the worst is yet to come!
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    Batman Shooter - Classic Arcade

    Batman Shooter - Classic Arcade

    Has Batman escaped - One hint - the worst is yet to come!

    That what you hear in a background is a famous tune from the first Batman TV show from the 60s. And it goes over and over again until my ears fall off. The idea with this short game is to bring you back in time when games where much simpler than today but usually far more addictive. Listening to the tune, does not make things any easier for you, au contraire. It's intrusive, irritating, repetitive and totally distractive just like things used be back in the 60s. Even the Batman himself went through some big changes. From an average guy in tights with plastic gadgets and fake missile buttons, he made his way through to a iconic superhero, with super cool look, muscled body and some really cool gadgets and extremely dangerous weapons. I think the progress is obvious.

    Now, lets get back to the game. Batman, he's on your left, while bad guys are coming in from his right side. He can go up and down left and right as he likes, in order to avoid being hit by whatever these bad guys are throwing at him. When you fail to dodge and take a bullet, your life gets damaged a bit. So several hits and your health deteriorates to a minimum when you simply die.

    Ok, so the idea is to give your best and make sure are beloved super hero gets as far as he can. There are few power ups you can pick up along the way such as a white box which completely restores the Batman's health. Or there's this 'nuke' box which I couldn't figure out how to trigger to make it explode. Than there's a shield, which protects you from bullets for about 10 seconds or so. And you can throw batarangs unlimitedly. Actually you don't need to bother with pressing the space bar. You can just keep it pressed all the time and Batman is just going to keep shooting out batarangs without fear of running out of ammo.

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    • avatar
      batmin (270) - 2016-03-13, 11:35
      classic arcade shooter. basically you need to get as far as you can...has anyone figured out how to use 'nukes'?

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